Officially Pregnant

Our infertility, miscarriage, IVF, and pregnancy journey x 2 (still waiting on pregnancy #2)

She Lied to Me….

on February 7, 2014


In case you missed it, my principal made a guest appearance in my first post, So Here We Are… She’s toward the end when she invites herself on the squad and explains to the EMT my infertility issues.

She’s been in the loop with the whole infertility thing since the get go as it’s my first year on the job and I don’t want to her to think I’m just taking off days for fun.  Turns out she’s a loudmouth.  Literally, she talks about it with me – doors open, people waiting for her in the hall, wherever the mood strikes her.  She’s also ridiculously nosy.  And not just like, “Oh, how’s it going?”.  More like, “So, how’d the miscarriage go?  Was it horrible?”.  There is little to no tact when it comes to this woman.  But…she’s my boss and has the fate of my career in her hands so I’m not about to bring it up with her.

Meanwhile, it’s been pretty quiet lately as I’ve been put on hiatus until this miserable cyst disappears.  Monday night she calls, asks if I’ll sub for our math teacher in the morning just for an hour.  The sub, Mr. O, has a dentist appointment and can’t make it til 9:30.  Sure I say.  No problem.

But Mr. O. is late…super late.  He calls to say his dentist appointment is running late.  Weird, I think….who can call during the middle of a dentist appointment.  NO ONE that’s who.  So I mention that I will need her lesson plans to get going with the actual lesson, not just reading groups, when the teacher across the hall says, “Mr. O.?  He’s not at the dentist.  He’s at a baby appointment with his wife.  They’re expecting #2 soon”.

Nice.  She lied to me.  I know it was to make me feel better, but seriously?  I’d rather her of just of told the truth than lie to me to try to make me feel better about it.  Shitty…shitty…shitty.  Just because I’ve gone through/am going through some bullshit doesn’t mean I’m not strong enough to hear the truth.



One response to “She Lied to Me….

  1. loveh3 says:

    I think when people know that you have miscarried before they tip toe around the whole situation. I can’t even discuss it with some people in my own family because I feel like they are having a pity party for me and I get annoyed. Maybe you’ll hint to her one day : ) Lol, GL

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