Officially Pregnant

Our infertility, miscarriage, IVF, and pregnancy journey x 2 (still waiting on pregnancy #2)

“My Greatest Fear is I’m Going to Pee on You”

on March 11, 2014

I waited impatiently for my progress report yesterday on my 5 little embryos.  We named them.  All of them.  It was quite simple.  Often, I’ve watched someone tell another person what they’re going to name their child and the other person go, “Oh…”.  So, the hubs and I decided before we even started trying that when we got pregnant we’d tell everyone we were naming it Raptor just for the pure joy of seeing how people responded.  Sunday night we named all 5 embryos Raptor 1, Raptor 2, Raptor 3, Raptor 4, and Wolfgang.

Anywho…I digress.  I dropped off my 5th graders to their homeroom teacher at 2:45 yesterday only to see I missed the clinic’s call at 2:42.  DAMN YOU POOR RECEPTION!  I ran down to the teacher’s lounge, listened to the message, and panic set in.  “Call us as soon as you get this”  Ruh roh.  As soon as my nurse picked up she told me they declared the two best of the bunch and they wanted me in there NOW.  It’s easily a 45 minute drive and I wouldn’t have time to get my Valium before but I didn’t care.  I hit the road and ditched school.

I raced there and called the hubs who was in the OR so some poor nurse had to hold the phone for him while I babbled about what was happening. Before he hung up he said he loved me and that was all I needed.  Better yet, the nurse holding the phone has done this before and when his attending asked if he needed to scrub out, she replied yes.  So they let him leave.  I will forever be grateful for that.

At the clinic, the lab tech (I feel like that’s not the right name) and I talked about the embryos and gave me a picture of each egg we were going to transfer!  I told my friend at work about this and she made such a great point, “Do you know how lucky you are?  Most people get the first scan picture.  You get the point of when life is made”  I thought that was pretty deep and I was suddenly kinda cocky about it.  “Oh yeah…here’s our first baby pic, bitches!”

Again, I digress.  My bad.  So, I change and go to the scary WTF chair room yet again and ask the doc doing the transfer if we can wait for the hubs.  No.  She’s here past her scheduled time and she has no child care.  Blah.  Fine.  Well, we had just gotten started when I could hear people whispering outside the door and it was the HUBS!  Wahoo!  He came in (and matched in his green scrubs) and got to see the whole shindig.  Now don’t get me wrong, but holy hell having a full bladder for this was the worst.  The pressure was insane.  The doc was impressed it was so full at which point I said, “My greatest fear is I’m going to pee on you”.  Her response was “You won’t and even if you do, I won’t be mad”  Makes me think she’s been peed on before.  The trial transfer was horrible.  Apparently my uterus has a bad ass left turn of a curve and they couldn’t get to the right spot.  So reassuring, right?  WRONG.  Finally, after almost giving up from the pressure she got it.  The lab tech transferred our babes to the catheter and boom.  Babies transferred.

On the ride home – I heard this song twice.  Sign?  I’d like to think so.

I took today off since I run up and down stairs for the first 3 hours of my day.  The best part.  The hubs won’t let me do a damn thing.  It’s cute.  For now, thinking positive and trying to do some visualizing.  Here’s to finding lots of good distractions for the next two weeks!


13 responses to ““My Greatest Fear is I’m Going to Pee on You”

  1. Shannon says:

    Good luck for your TWW. Here’s to a sticky little embaby 🙂

  2. Good luck! Will be thinking of you.

  3. Caroline says:

    Awww I love this story! Congrats first off! I have to say that I was kind of hoping you did pee a little, because I really feel like I am going to one of these times and want to know someone who already has before I do! Can’t wait for these 2 weeks to fly by for you!

  4. Bravo! *clapping* Congrats! XO

  5. wilhc121 says:

    Yay!! Sending you positive thoughts! What a great hubs… you just lay low.

  6. somedaymama says:

    Wonderful!!! Hoping and praying all goes perfectly.

  7. Good luck! My last transfer was more than a year go (I’m sitting here with a 4.5 month old!) and as stressful and nerve wracking the TWW is, it has it’s perks! Take it easy, stay hydrated and watch movies that make you laugh (I swear it helps).

  8. Yay! Hoping everything goes great 🙂

  9. amywales121 says:

    Yay! Love this post! Looking forward to some good news!!

  10. myhopejar says:

    Sending you lots of positive and sticky thoughts hon. xo

  11. Good luck sweetie! Holding thumbs for you. These are THE ONES!!!

  12. snowla1 says:

    Wishing you luck!

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