Officially Pregnant

Our infertility, miscarriage, IVF, and pregnancy journey x 2 (still waiting on pregnancy #2)

I Shit You Not

on March 20, 2014

Ever since the bad news bear delivered the news that the other 3 embryos didn’t make it, I’ve been a hot mess.  I was feeling really strong about being pregnant, but lately I cry at a whim dreading doing IVF again, hearing the bad news, trying to figure out why all over again.  I still talk to the pictures of my two beautiful embryos they transferred every day.

photo (2)

Last Saturday I had to go to the hub’s coworker’s house for my progesterone shot.  She told me she was a Debbie Downer her entire TWW and then found out she was pregnant with twins.  It helped.  She’s a medical professional and had one successful IVF already before the twins.  I could’ve talked to her for hours if her neighbors (both going through IVF right now) weren’t visiting.  I’ve been hovering boards and googling weird shit like, “IVF no symptoms progesterone boobs” and pouring over random women’s responses.  Yesterday I saw a rainbow from end to end and decided it must be a good sign (rainbow babies right?!?!)  My beta test is tomorrow.  I can’t even get the courage to buy an HPT and test before my beta.

However, today, I hit my official low.  I googled “Magic 8 Ball” and asked it if I was pregnant.  I shit you not.  Good news.  It said, YES!  (3 times…)  Bahahahahahahaha,


I’ve officially lost my mind.


23 responses to “I Shit You Not

  1. AndiePants says:

    The magic 8 ball is CLEARLY CORRECT. I can’t believe you haven’t caved with an HPT yet. Can’t wait to read the good news tomorrow.

    • ksquared0710 says:

      Thanks! I sure hope so! (I checked 3 more online ones just to be sure HA!) I refuse b/c I thoroughly enjoy pretending to be pregnant until proven otherwise. If I saw that negative I’d be heartbroken. Might as well ride out the pretend happy!

      • AndiePants says:

        amen to that. If you need another pseudo-confirmation website, I’m super into asking the tarot cards at

  2. I like the idea of not testing early too. Why not pretend at least for two weeks? Hopefully you ARE pregnant and that 8 ball is right! I love that the Magic 8 Ball said yes three times!! You have me intrigued.. like I should go ask it a few questions! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. Praying it’s positive!! 🙂

    • ksquared0710 says:

      Thanks! I tried Andie’s tarot cards just now. Good news there too! Wahoo! I feel like a mad woman!

      • Haha! That’s awesome!! Those damn things better be right!! I just tried the eight ball and said, “Will my next cycle be successful?” It said yes a few times! Then I tested it, “Will I have a December baby?” It said, “Def Not” So I asked about January.. It said, “Certainly” 🙂 Silly, but it gives me hope!

  3. loveh3 says:

    I will be praying that you get your BFP : ) Keep us updated because I will be thinking of you friend!

  4. Jen says:

    Hoping your beta tomorrow goes well! Thinking of you! Lol about you asking the magic eight ball.

  5. Another announcement! Will be looking forward to finding out the answer tomorrow. Sending baby dust your way

  6. haha TOTALLY UNDERSTAND. I’d do the same thing. Everything turns into some sort of sign suddenly. Can’t wait to hear how your beta test goes! 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  7. Ah, I hope the beta is amazing and that 8 ball was right on the mark! Get a good nights rest, momma!

  8. Good luck with your beta tomorrow!!

  9. Elisha says:

    OH I cant wait to hear of your beta news!! EEK! Exciting stuff!!

  10. Good luck with your beta and I will be sending lots of prayers your way!! That Magic 8 Ball has to be right… I mean you asked the Google 8 Ball after all….!! Lots of baby dust to you!

  11. lucy50 says:

    I think the IF community should collectively vote to not test early. So much stress and disappointment in that. I am hoping and praying that you are pregnant.

  12. Wishing you the best! Hoping for wonderful news tomorrow! (I couldn’t POAS either before my first beta)

  13. myhopejar says:

    I can’t believe you haven’t tested yet! I would have (correction, I have) taken at least 3 tests by this point. I will be sending you extra positive thoughts tomorrow! The 8 ball is amazing! Fingers crossed it’s right!

  14. amywales121 says:

    You are so strong to wait to test! Hoping for a great beta number! Can’t wait to hear your news!

  15. makingababyv says:

    Fingers crossed for you!

  16. carolina647 says:

    It’s ok to lose your mind every once and a while. Fingers crossed for you girl!

  17. somedaymama says:

    Magic 8 balls are amazing. And definitely correct, I think some offices have switched from beta resting to straight up using magic 8 balls. Hahaha! Fingers are crossed for you!!!!

  18. Amber says:

    Don’t discredit the Magic 8 Ball, many a presidential election has been accurately predicted by the Magic 8 Ball. And I hear Charlie Sheen likes them too. 😀 COngrats on the addition! Go wild!

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