Officially Pregnant

Our infertility, miscarriage, IVF, and pregnancy journey x 2 (still waiting on pregnancy #2)

Touch Me One More Time….

on June 21, 2014

Let this post be a mix of sassy and sappy….

I teach but school has been out since June 4th….except I signed up for summer tutoring and summer school which means I only really get July off.  I know, I know….woe is me.  Sorry folks.  I’ve been at work every day since then excluding weekends getting ready for next year since I plan on taking 3 months when Baby K gets here.  However, because I plan on taking 3 months I will work my butt off this summer to make up for how much of it is going to be unpaid.  Sigh.  Who knew all those monitoring appointments would jack up my maternity leave time.

Anywho, Monday…She who opens her mouth too much, AKA my principal, makes comments all the time about being pregnant and no matter what I say she continues.  90% of the time I want to strangle her.  Between telling others about the bub before I was ready to to her comments about how I don’t look pregnant when stupid dipshit (see this post: Uhh Yeah, Bitch and Should I Feel Bad…Nah ) looked “SO HUGE” at 10 weeks according t her, I just want to scream sometimes.  I try my best to cover the bumpy pudge baby belly  it if I’m going out in public but the other day she made the comment in front of an older co-worker who I can’t stand which apparently prompted her to tickle my belly in agreement that in fact I do not look pregnant.  W.  T.  F. ?!?!?!?!?!  I don’t like hugs, handshakes, or prolonged eye contact and you’re going to touch my belly?!??!??!!  Seriously?!?!

I contemplated buying this shirt almost immediately…


Fast forward to Thursday.  I took my dad out on a daddy/daughter date.  We haven’t done this in years.  We always take a day to go Christmas shopping together for my mother (he struggles by himself…there is only so many cookbooks or perfumes you can buy a woman), but we haven’t gone out to do something we’d both enjoy in a long time.  So, I took him to a local military museum I had visited with my students earlier in the year that I knew he’d enjoy.  We wandered the building for hours in near silence.  Just reading and taking in information.  You could hear the owner every once in a while and a woman…a loud woman.  She finally stopped to say hello (we were the only two in there) when my father asked about the Vietnam section that was noticeably missing.  She said it was under construction, but she moved the rope and gave us a private tour…she happened to be the owners wife.

Midway through the tour she stopped to take a phone call – in front of us – from her daughter.  During the call, I hear phrases such as, “Make sure you get into the field you want” and “wouldn’t you like to make them like they made yours?”.  My inferring skills kicked in, her daughter is in the medical field, she’s talking about a fertility clinic position, and she has an IVF grand baby.  I was right.  She hung up the phone and started detailing her daughter’s journey and the story of her granddaughter.  My dad beamed with apparently noticeable joy because she looked at me all doe eyed and asked if I was expecting.  I admitted I was and that our baby will be an IVF baby as well.  Ecstatic she leaned over and TOUCHED MY BELLY.. ..Except this time I wasn’t mad.  This time I was reminded what a miracle had taken place and how extremely lucky the hubs and I am.

Maybe I don’t need the shirt after all.  Maybe I need this shirt instead…



5 responses to “Touch Me One More Time….

  1. Elisha says:

    love the miracle in progress shirt! so cute!

  2. myhopejar says:

    I have that same Miracle in Progress shirt saved on my secret baby board on Pinterest and plan to buy it when I get a little bigger! You should definitely get it 🙂

  3. Damn you… The ending of your post brought tears to my eyes!! I’m sure it’s all my preggers hormones but… We are def carrying miracles; that’s for sure. I love it!


    Actually I love them both. 😉

  5. I wanted to get the same shirt — don’t touch it. My Mother in law — monster in law, if you will — felt the need to touch my belly without asking. Drives me CRAZY when people just think its ok to do! However, the Miracle in progress shirt — SO WORTH IT!!! 🙂

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