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Is it just me?

on September 15, 2014

I can’t help but wonder if the hubs and I are just way too laid back about having a baby.  We attended our labor and delivery class on Sunday from 9 to 4.  It was a long day but pretty informative.  We played a little game of what your ideal labor and delivery would look like.  In the end, she wanted everyone to realize that a healthy baby was the only thing that mattered.

Uh….I knew that.  I’m willing to go with the flow when my time comes.  I’m not an all natural, 6 page birth plan kinda girl.  Our birth plan is literally about 12 sentences long. I’m the let’s get this done and make sure everyone comes out healthy kinda girl.  Reading other birth plans online was almost frustrating how some women are seriously so demanding and ignore some of the things that are made there to keep you safe.

Some of the moms in class described being nervous or asked a lot of questions that I didn’t (imho) find important.  I really wanted to learn 1.) when to go to the hospital, 2.) what I was allowed to do during labor, and 3.) any signs I needed to keep an eye out for.  I’m not stressing about labor and delivery even though it’s just 10 weeks away.  I don’t know why…maybe it will hit me later.  Either way, busy next couple of weeks preparing for the baby shower this weekend in NY, prepping my lessons for maternity leave, and lots of things happening on weekends now that it’s football season.  Is it worrisome the only thing I am worried about it decorating the nursery, printing our thank you cards, and Christmas shopping?


How far along? 29 weeks 4 days

Days til due date: 74

Size of baby? 15’ from head to toes.  He weighs about 2 and ½ pounds!

Total weight gain? We’re creeping…

Maternity clothes: Almost exclusively

Sleep:  It’s continued to be rough, but I’m adjusting.  I’ve got a massive head cold that makes it hard to sleep even more than the pee breaks and new sleeping positions.

Stretch marks: Still none that I can see.

Best moment this week:  Checking off the class on the baby Evan to do list.

Miss anything? Sleep, my ankles, and hard cider during the fall/football season

Movement:  He’s kicking my ass.  Sometimes the li’l guy really can pack a punch!

Food cravings:  They’ve kinda subsided.  I’ll do anything though for a glass of apple cider but I think that’s just because of the weather change.

Anything making you feel queasy or sick: Think we’re officially past this.

Showing? Yeppers, people still tell me I’m small for 7 months.


Gender: It’s a boy!

Labor signs: None.  Focusing more in case they start to come in either the form of Braxton Hicks or the real deal.

Symptoms:  Still having heartburn that comes and goes, but the cankles are happening daily now thanks to work.  Starting to be a little more emotional.  Feeling the stress of work and feeling unprepared is getting the best of me.

Belly button in or out?  Innie but already starting to flatten out!

Wedding ring on or off? On still but tight at times – especially in the morning.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy but tired which makes me super emotional lately.

Looking forward to: The baby shower this weekend.

Baby business being taken care of: Ordering artwork for the nursery and checking off classes on the baby to do list.

What’s Going on with Baby: Evan’s muscles and brain are developing more and more.


20 responses to “Is it just me?

  1. Looking good! I have given up on Christmas presents for this year, but am considering sending out Christmas cards after Halloween 🙂 Hoping everything continues to go well for you!

    • ksquared0710 says:

      I thought up giving up Christmas but my in laws wouldn’t have it. Plus I figure if I do gifts I don’t have to travel there with a newborn! How are you feeling? Decide on names yet?!

      • Aren’t your in-laws going to come to you?! I am feeling good 🙂 9.5 weeks to go! Needed to make my blog private – if you want me to add you – just request it or send me your email. And we do have names (tentatively) Ruby Mei and Holly Lin 🙂

      • ksquared0710 says:

        They would never….it’s a long story but it’s very one sided. If you could add me that would be fantastic! I’ll put in a request tonight!

  2. Love your bump, just adorable!! Honestly, I think laid back is good….after all it took you to get to this point.

  3. I was the same way. Our birth plan was like, “hello, please deliver this baby. I’ll take that epidural ASAP. Here’s a list of medications…” And everything turned out just fine (emergency csection, and all!). Having a Fall baby makes christmas shopping difficult. My advice: order as much as possible online, and just give everyone framed pictures of the baby in his Christmas outfit.

  4. myhopejar says:

    You look great hon! I hear you on the birth plan. I used to think I wanted the whole natural birth and everything, but now that I have to have a c-section I’ve had to reevaluate this, and I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make sure this little guy arrives safe and sound. Sorry you have a cold. Hope you feel better soon!

    • ksquared0710 says:

      Thanks! Still battling the cold. Got the ok today to take sudafed and the hubs isn’t a fan so I agreed to only take it at night so I can at least sleep. I’ll take uncomfy pregnant over uncomfy and sick pregnant any day!

  5. akw62307 says:

    You look awesome! I hear you about the stressing about work. I have to train someone to take over my current project and I really don’t want to. I hate others touching my work. Probably part of the reason I’m laying here awake at 2 am commenting on this! I hear ya about the birth plan. We start classes next month and I have a feeling I will just be annoyed with other people. I just want baby girl to be safe and healthy! Hope you have a good baby shower this weekend!

    • ksquared0710 says:

      I haven’t started to stress just yet over work. School is crazy and I’m starting to get a little ahead so hopefully I can plan ahead for leave. Have fun in class! Is yours multiple classes?

      • akw62307 says:

        Mine is 5 Sundays for 2 hours each. I could have done a one day class but I think 6 hours would have annoyed me plus you had to pay for the one day class. Hopefully we’ll meet some new people and I won’t be annoyed with them! Knowing my luck though I’ll be stuck with all the ones that lack any common sense!

      • ksquared0710 says:

        Oh I hope you meet some great people! We sat the naughty table of people. It was fun!

  6. Sashaa says:

    i haven’t commented before but i just HAVE to now. Finally , someone who is not obsessed with natural birth ,homebirth and all the other hoopla. Girl , i salute you !!! I am so sick and tired of reading about peoples birth plans( almost a guaranteed c section or worse waiting to happen), obsessive demands and all kind of other things that later on you read about and be like , really??? what a waste of energy that was. Please don’t change !! The outcome that people seem to forget about is getting the baby here safely ! Enough with being selfish and asking for the birth YOU want. I just want a baby , how about that ?? I am sorry to bash people on your blog but the trend of NUCB (which is wonderful but shit happens people) is outrageous these days. Before anyone says anything , i would like to say this is coming from someone who did have a long birth plan, who did not want an epidural and who went to a midwife. My son had other plans, he was breech from 34 weeks on solidly stuck in my ribs . Obviously i had a c section. All i hear is horror stories these days, but yet my friend (TRIGGER ,stop reading now) being morbidly obese and with tons of health issues did not want to have a hospital birth and decided on homebirth . Well she never got to bring a baby home from the hospital to which she had to be flown . It was the saddest thing i have ever heard. Ladies, bringing home a healthy baby is all that matters in this game of uncertainty we play when we get pregnant . I wish you all the best , i love reading your blog and your swearing (tee hee ) and your witty comments !!

    • ksquared0710 says:

      Awe thanks, girl! I wish women understood it isn’t about proving your strength as a woman or a great labor story. It’s all about that lil one. My hubs is in the medical field and neither of us are remotely comfortable with the idea of a home birth. There is just too much that could go wrong. I’m sorry for your friend. That’s so hard for anyone. Glad you commented!

  7. Elisha says:

    You are looking good!!

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